A fun-filled weekend

Yesterday we got up early to go to the farmers’ markets which was packed as always, but well worth it. If you’re in the Canberra region, the best lady finger bananas are to be had here, and there are new and interesting stalls every week, as well as a solid core of lovely fruit and veg. I can’t evangelise enough about these markets, and if you do go, make sure you get one of the huge berry muffins from Rosa’s home bake stall.

The discovery of the day was a stall selling organic goats’ cheese from Victoria

goats cheese

which made a very tasty lunch spread on potato bread!

potato bread

I had to make something to take to a party that night, so I decided on baked cheesecake—which meant I got to play with my vintage Mixmaster. It always makes cooking seem so much more fun.


It was my first time making baked cheesecake, which is something I’ve wanted to make for ages. It turned out really well, and was very tasty—which makes sense given there was almost a kilo of cream cheese in it. I used a Jamie Oliver recipe which you can find here. The only advice I would give is to trust his instructions on how long to bake it for—I was worried mine was too wobbly so I left it in the oven for longer, but in the end I think it would have been nicer if it hadn’t baked for so long, as it set when it cooled anyway.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the finished product. Possibly by that stage we were all too busy scoffing it to bother! So, I can tick baked cheesecake off my list of Things I Want To Try Making Myself. Yum :)

All in all it was a bit of a Nanna morning, so it was probably good when we finally headed off to the party—nothing makes you feel less Nanna-ish than a Bollywood party! There was henna painting


and saris for everyone


and lots of Indian food, music, movies, and dancing. The wonderful hostess took the time to help us all dress in her beautiful saris, showing an almost uncanny knack for choosing the colour that best suited everyone. As a child who loved to play dress-ups, this was like heaven for me!

I took good care of my henna (did you know rubbing it with Vicks overnight will help bring out the colour?) and today it’s looking fabulous, though I’m looking forward to being able to wash my hand this evening.


To top off a grand weekend, today was ‘A Celebration of Wool’ at the Old Bus Depot Markets. It was so busy, I’m beginning to wonder if everyone in Canberra is a knitter. It was wonderful to see so many different stalls selling knitted goods, fibre for spinning, and yarn. There’s something satisfying about spending the morning elbow-deep in wool, and there were so many different weights, colours, and fibres to be had. I picked up a selection of different yarns, all beautiful, and all so soft.


After that I felt I thoroughly deserved my cup of mulled wine from Jo the Orange Juice Man, and some quiet time at home on the couch. I wonder what’s on the cards for next weekend?


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