Dad’s socks

It’s been ages since I’ve made a proper project post, but I guess travelling has got in the way of that. I left at home my (then) only bloggable project, and was travelling with Dad’s socks, which I didn’t want to spring before he’d received them. But the time has come—they are all done! Finished and blocking as we speak, to be posted to Dad as soon as they are dry.


Ravellers can view the project details here. The pattern is a basket weave rib, and the yarn is 100% New Zealand wool, about DK weight. Not a normal choice for socks I know, but these need to be sturdy yet warm socks for cold winter nights at home. I’m quite pleased with how well the yarn and colour work with the pattern. As I’ve said before, it makes me think of russian caramel.


(Note the clever camera angles designed to hide the fact that these socks are actually much too big for me!)


Actually I grew up thinking all knitted socks were thick and chunky like this. I never knitted as a kid, but my Oma (that’s my grandmother, she’s Dutch) has been knitting practically all her life. Every winter she used to make us a pair of thick socks to warm our little toes in bed and around the house—there’s nothing like handknitted socks to warm a winter’s night. She used to knit other things too—one of my favourite possessions as a child was the handknitted jumper, made by Oma, which exactly matched a larger one she made for my Mum. I think I also still have a tiny knitted tracksuit somewhere, which she made for my favourite teddy bear.

It’s funny that I never took to knitting as a kid, but it’s because of Oma that I decided to learn to knit a few years ago. Her knitted socks were always so comfy and warm, and fit so well, that I wanted to be able to make them myself (and also because I guess she won’t be around forever, and I’d like to carry on that tradition). So I guess you could say I learned to knit in order to knit socks. Once I started knitting I discovered the wealth of possibilities, of patterns, of yarns, and I got a bit scared by some of the techniques and ended up avoiding socks for three years. But I got there eventually, and now that I’m knitting socks for my family, I feel like in some sense I’m fulfilling my knitting destiny :)

So this is my fourth official pair of socks, and the second pair for family. I hope you like them, Dad.



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4 Responses to “Dad’s socks”

  1. mum Says:

    They are yummy! Dad will just love them. Guess I’d better take that photo of my feet eh? Btw they are warm and cozy wrapped up in a spesh pair of socks!

  2. mum Says:

    Oh, by the way (notice I did that in long hand?) Oma would love to see your pattern for my socks – she was very impressed and quite fascinated.

  3. sissorlove Says:

    You’re so sweet. I wish I had the patience for knitting. I barely even sew anymore. I still need to comission you for a bag sometime :)


  4. Dad Says:

    Hi, Chris.

    Great to see the socks and read your commentary. Great photos too!

    We have the notification from Australia Post that the socks are sitting in the local AP office. Will get them soon and wear them for our cold nights!!

    Much love


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