My favourite skein

It was purple. It had flecks of many different colours. It was soft and slubby. It was vibrant and comforting and breathtakingly beautiful, and it made me smile every time I pulled it out of my stash and snuggled it. I loved it, I really wanted to wear it, but I had to find the perfect project. I was sure inspiration would present itself one day, and in the meantime the skein was safe in my stash, waiting for its moment to shine.


A couple of weekends ago, its moment finally arrived. It had been building up for a while. I had known for a few days I wanted to make a hat out of it, and I browsed several patterns on Ravelry, and thought about how to use the skein to its best advantage, and generally let things settle in my mind. The way autumn leaves settle onto water, gently. And one morning I woke up and the answer was there in my mind: Urchin.

I had already made one Urchin, as a birthday present for Libby a little while ago. I love the way the pattern is designed to show off the texture and colour of a unique skein of yarn. I wanted mine to be a bit more slouchy than the green one though. I didn’t want to have to modify the pattern (sometimes mindless knitting is something we all need) so I made a larger size and knit really tightly on the stitches that would form the brim—and it seemed to work. Which is lucky as otherwise it would have been far too big and might have slipped off comically at awkward moments. At least, it fits after one blocking, but I guess we’ll see how it goes with further washes. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a continued fit, though.

I love it so much :)


I’m such a sucker for multicoloured hand-dyed yarns. They look so good in the skein but I’m not a big fan of pooling and I’ve been disappointed before with how something knits up. But I think the radial slashes of colour add something, instead of detracting from the colour and structure of the whole. Kudos to Ysolda and her amazing design skills!


(And please excuse my terrible photography skills—turns out it’s quite hard to take a photo of the back of your own head.)

It makes me so happy when projects turn out as beautifully, if not more so, as I imagined. I don’t even miss snuggling into that skein.


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