Alpaca shawlette goodness

Here it is—after many hours of knitting and desperate improvisation, my chocolate-brown alpaca Ishbel!


I mentioned on Ravelry that I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yardage to finish this. Was that an understatement! But it just goes to show that if you’re happy to spend hours getting your head around the maths and agonising about how best so save the situation without frogging, you too can make an Ishbel out of not enough yarn. I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered.


This beautiful natural alpaca yarn is the most amazing shade of chocolate but unfortunately the few remaining guard hairs are a lot more noticeable now that it’s been knitted up—I didn’t think they were a problem in the ball but I think Ishbel is going to need a few washes to make it bearable neck-candy for longer than a few hours. Does anyone have any advice for alpaca behaving badly?

But in any case I love my new shawlette and am seriously thinking about knitting more.


PS—you noticed a significant improvement in photo quality for this post, didn’t you? My little camera wasn’t up to photographing dark-coloured knits in any sort of light, so these were taken by the lovely Eduard, with his bigger and better camera (matched by bigger and better photography skills).


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One Response to “Alpaca shawlette goodness”

  1. Secret Pal Says:

    Oooo, like it. Looks great with that fab coat too.

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