Little things

I know I’ve been quiet lately. I don’t have much news, but I wanted to share some of the little things that have been making me happy lately.

Clean-smelling, beautiful native flowers from the farmer’s markets.


There’s something about the scent of gum leaves that’s so calming.

Books with patterns I’m itching to make.


I bought these a couple of weeks ago from the Book Depository, and they arrived only a week later (pretty good, given they came from the UK). If you’re in the habit of buying books of any sort do check it out, for every book I’ve wanted to buy in the last few months they’ve had the best price. And what’s more, they have free shipping to anywhere in the world. Free shipping! Considering I have to pay at least $12US to ship stuff to Australia from Amazon US, that’s fantastic.

Unfortunately those lovely books will have to wait, I’m doing some rather time-sensitive (and secret) knitting at the moment.

Tiny, adorable sheep stitch markers from WeeOnes at Etsy.


Aren’t they the cutest? (There is a fourth, but it’s adorning my secret knitting.)

And finally, yarn bombing at work!

knitted door handle


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