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Welcome to a new and (hopefully) regular feature on An odd assortment. Inspired by Gala‘s Things I Love Thursday, in a similarly alliterative vein I have created Favourite Friday! Every Friday we’ll be celebrating the smiles and happiness that come from favourite things, and I’ll share something I count as a favourite, and why I like it so much. Music, shoes, flowers, food, animals, places, yarns, dresses, books…there are so many wonderful things in the world! You can play too, I’d love you to leave me a comment about your favourites.

This week I want to tell you about my favourite album.

I go through phases with music. As well as being obsessed with the latest craze, I often rediscover albums I haven’t listened to in a while, and suddenly they’re back on high rotation on my mp3 player. I’m also a big believer in seasonal music. You know—how some songs are just perfect for summer, and others are the epitome of the winter mood.

At the moment I’m listening mostly to winter music (winter’s easier to deal with if you aren’t longing for summer) and my current favourite album is the Fleet Foxes’ debut.

fleet foxes

I’m unsure how best to describe their music so I’ll resort to things others have said. Wikipedia (font of all knowledge) describes their genre as ‘indie folk’ and ‘baroque pop’. The band apparently describe their own songs as ‘baroque harmonic pop jams’. There’s a lot of beautiful vocal harmonies and gentle guitar melodies. The lyrics are sometimes sweet, at other times powerful or sad or confusing. Some of their songs sound like 60s-style pop, others show distinct folk or gospel influences.  They are beautiful. They are amazing. They make me happy and thoughtful, and I like music which does that. I also really like the way the album is crafted as a whole, and is not just a random collection of songs.

I had to get up really early this morning, Libby had to drop her car to the mechanic at 7.30am. I picked her up so she could get to work, and on the way we stopped for some breakfast at A Bite to Eat. It was beautifully empty and they were playing the Fleet Foxes—just what my tired and out-of-sorts early morning mood needed. A comforting and smiley way to start the day.

You can see my favourite Fleet Foxes song on YouTube here (it has goats! squee!). Another beautiful one is White Winter Hymnal, which has a cute but sad clip. I hope they brighten your day as much as they brighten mine.

What’s your favourite album?


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3 Responses to “My favourite…”

  1. selidor Says:

    I’m rather keen on the Pernice Brothers for wintertime music. Sad, sweet, melodic pop with deftly poetic lyrics, from the East Coast of the US, they sound both Simon and Garfunkel and Beatles-inspired, with that wistful tone I always associate with autumn-leaf days and bare trees against the sky.
    I think Yours, Mine and Ours may still be my favourite album, but Overcome by Happiness has grown on me with time. Sample songs:

  2. selidor Says:

    oops, better link for that last song (silly
    I hadn’t seen the video before. It seems a little weird.

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