First package from my Secret Pal!

The first package from my Secret Pal arrived yesterday! I got home and there it was sitting patiently outside the front door. It came all the way from London.

package for me!

It was so exciting that it finally arrived—SP and I suspect that Australia Post decided to hold onto it for a while, to allow me to enjoy the anticipation all the more. It definitely worked, I had the biggest grin from the moment I saw it.

I opened the box and discovered the most adorable little blue polkadot suitcase

sweet little suitcase

which was full of beautifully wrapped goodies!


They were so beautifully wrapped in such cute paper I had to get them all out and take another photo (nothing like prolonging the enjoyment!)


There was a cute bookmark, a rainbow pencil, a sheep notepad,

bookmark, sheep notepad, rainbow pencil

a sweet little heart tape measure, some funky folding scissors (so retro!), and some jelly-spiral needle holders (which are already keeping my dpns safe).

needle holders, tape measure, scissors

There was some absolutely delicious and strokeable yarn—Sirdar Just Bamboo and Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, both in shades of purple, one of my favouritest colours. Smoosh! I see some very luxurious knits in my future, yes indeedy. Provided I can stop snuggling the yarn long enough to be able to knit with it!


And finally, there was a cute purse mirror, a button badge with a picture of yarn on it (which I’m proudly wearing at work today), and the funniest, loveliest air freshener ever.

sheeppoopaper air freshener, purse mirror, yarn badge

Yep, it’s made of sheep poo :) I am so impressed that someone has managed to effectively recycle a waste product into something useful! And before you ask, it’s making my car smell divinely of Daffodils, and not like sheep poo at all.

Thankyou so much to my wonderful Secret Pal! I was tired and having such a blah day yesterday, and this cheered me up perfectly. I love everything so much!


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4 Responses to “First package from my Secret Pal!”

  1. emma Says:


  2. Secret Pal Says:


  3. Penny Says:

    What a great package you recieved. I love polkadots. AND a sheep poo deodorizer how very clever and that it smells of daffodils yet. Your package certainly would have cheered me up also.
    Your hostess

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    […] again, it came in a gorgeous box (see the pretty boxes of the first two packages here and […]

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