It pays to advertise

Because good things will come from it!

Last Friday I gave a talk at work about knitting. Keeping in mind that I would be talking to a group of (mostly non-knitting) Astronomers, I wanted it to be simple. I decided to focus on the new and interesting things happening in today’s knitting community, and keep the technical details to a minimum. The aim was to both educate the audience, and convince them that knitting can be cool—and not just the pastime of quiet old ladies. I also yarn-bombed work in the days leading up to the talk.

The talk itself went off well. I knitted garter stitch squares while I talked (which everyone thought was a cool stunt) and everyone seemed interested—I got heaps of questions. Afterwards, I managed to teach several people (academics and students, male and female alike) the basics of the knit stitch. It’s cool how people find the act of knitting so fascinating.

Then this morning, our site manager brought me a huge bag of ‘munitions for your guerilla knitting’!

free wool is the best wool


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5 Responses to “It pays to advertise”

  1. sissorlove Says:

    THat’s so cool your manager did that.. were you asked to give a talk or was it just something to do for fun? OH and I see purple in there!! *puppy dog eyes*

    • lacepetticoat Says:

      :D you are the cutest. We are all kind of obliged to give talks every now and then, and I just decided to give mine on knitting instead of Astronomy!

  2. SP Says:

    Kudos for giving a talk to non-knitters. There is science in my background and I can’t imagine trying it on the people I know who are still involved. You deserve the Proselytize Badge at the very least (

  3. lacepetticoat Says:

    omg knitting scouts, that’s amazing! i am laughing myself silly at some of those badges…

  4. mel Says:

    Hello lacepetticoat! (I don’t know your name!)

    My sisters and brother and me were in Katoomba a year ago, we spent Christmas day trekking on the cliff (?) to see the three sisters! (After all, there were three of us sisters!) We were super excited by the yarn-bombed lampposts too! And bicycle racks, and all!

    So cool that you have a cottage in Leura — a COTTAGE!!! just sounds like something out of a fairytale!

    <3 Mel
    Singapore ;)

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