My favourite vase…

…is the most wildly retro thing I own!


I’m in love with everything that can be classified as Vintage, Retro or Antique—which I guess is the same thing as saying I’m a big fan of most of the 20th Century, from the roaring twenties, through the jiving fifties to the chilled-out seventies, and everything in between. Besides clothing, furniture, and silverware, one of my particular weaknesses is coloured vintage glassware. The clutter of my house means I don’t own many pieces, but I couldn’t resist this one.


It’s a gorgeous 1970s orangey-brown vase, in a strange and rather flattened shape. The glass is thick with tiny bubbles through it, and by some glassmaker’s devilry, there’s a cylindrical hole running from back to front which serves the dual purpose of looking awesome and making it easy to carry (how do they do that and yet keep it watertight? how?). The whole thing has a smoothness and a heft about it that are somehow satisfying.


It’s the sort of piece that makes my mother cringe, but I think it’s gorgeous—especially when it’s set off by an asymetrical arrangement of gumleaves!


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