An escape


We’ve just come back from the loveliest weekend away. So peaceful and quiet, just what we both really needed. We stayed in a secluded cottage surrounded by bushland at Bawley Point, where all you can hear is the birds and the breeze in the gums, and you never see any other people. We spent the whole time relaxing: sleeping, reading, knitting. Sitting in front of the fire. Enjoying the coolness on the deck. Lovely.

On Sunday afternoon we wandered through the beautiful little town of Milton, and had lunch at a very good vegetarian cafe. I was delighted to find a shop selling old wares and vintage pieces, and came home with two awesome bargains. A brown glass jug and four tumblers, all in the shape of owls (owls!)

owly goodness

which I can just imagine drinking homemade ginger beer out of, and a set of six adorable rose-patterned, gilt-edged trios.


I think this calls for a tea party. As soon as the weather warms up.

Even without these lucky finds it was a wonderful weekend—so good to be free of the distractions of home, to have time for ourselves and each other, and to be in such a beautiful place.



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2 Responses to “An escape”

  1. sissorlove Says:

    I simply cannot imagine Phileep knitting…

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