It’s raining…

…and I’d rather be at home with my knitting and some hot chocolate. But my proofs came back from the journal today, so I’m correcting those instead.

PS. Favourite Friday will happen, I promise—it’s just I left my camera cord at home, so I can’t upload the necessary pictures. In the meantime, what’s your favourite thing to do when it’s raining?



One Response to “It’s raining…”

  1. selidor Says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say go for a walk. Admittedly, a lot of walks in the rain don’t start in the rain, but there is a very special beauty to the land when there is soft misty rainfall everywhere. Cool, dripping forest, every leaf collecting a raindrop… And the scent of rain. Worth leaving the house to experience (on occasion. I also like the hot-chocolate-while-raining solution).

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