My favourite season


peach tree

Although it’s still officially winter, flowers are beginning to peep out everywhere.

daffodils and some cute little white flowers

I must say I like the weather of Summer the best, and it’s Summer I look forward to every year. But Spring, with its leaves unfurling and its flowers pushing out into the chilly air, brings a sense of anticipation with its beauty. The anticipation of something good always makes it all the more special, don’t you think? So while I wait for Summer I can smile at the flowers every day, breathe the floral scents on the breeze, bask in the growing sunshine, and feel the reawakening of nature. Sometimes Spring makes me feel like I want to put forth leaves too!


So here’s to Spring. To flowers, sunshine, baby birds, and the general adornment of the landscape. And here’s to the daffodil clusters that have finally sprouted from the bulbs I bought at the markets in April!



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One Response to “My favourite season”

  1. marg Says:

    those flower pics are just so lovely! Summer heat struck here so quickly. The wattles are already finished. Ain’t seen many bulbs tho. Thanks for lovely photos.

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