We had our fourth and last spinning class last night, and while that was a little sad, what we did was exciting. These classes are the most fun I’ve had in learning something for ages!

After plying our singles into beautiful two-ply yarn last week, it was ready to be skeined and washed this week. I’d never seen skeining done before, and even after our teacher handed out niddy-noddies (ha! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that name!) I had no more of a clue. But for something so simple they’re quite clever really, and we all skeined up quickly. Then we learnt to wash, and got to try the amusingly useful ‘helicopter’ technique to get rid of excess water. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of that…


And now I have two and a half beautifully soft skeins with so much texture and character, drying slowly in my living room. As we were skeining up I was a bit worried about how much texture they had. I do like thick-and-thin yarn, but not too thick-and-thin, and everyone else’s was a lot more even than mine. However the process of washing and spinning seemed to even out some of those overly chunky bits, and sort out most of the bits that had a little too much twist. And now it’s so lovely I can’t wait to see what it looks like knitted up!

i think i'm in love

Though I am toying with the idea of dyeing it.

I was able to get in some spinning as well. I had a go at spinning that nutmeg-coloured Bond Cross a little thicker, but managed to reach the capabilities of an Ashford without a jumbo flyer. It’s still difficult to get it even, and I’m worried some of it has too much twist, but I think it will sort itself out and I don’t mind knitting with a single ply.

nutmeg chunky

I also started spinning the varied-purple wool top I got at the Craft Fair, this time trying to get something that was both thin and even. Mixed results so far, but I think the colour will carry this yarn regardless—I love all the different shades.

purple haze

Hurrah for a new hobby! I’ve got the wheel for another two months which should see me through spinning camp in October (yay! spinning camp! *hyperventilates*) and I’ve joined the Guild. I’m really looking forward to doing more of this, meeting other spinners, learning new techniques, and honing my skills. And stashing wool tops of course—they’re even snugglier than yarn!


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  1. sissorlove Says:

    You’re such a yarn nerd…..gosh I love it :)

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