My favourite magazine


Frankie is a magazine about, according to its front page, ‘Art, Fashion, Music, Craft, Life’. It’s published once every two months, and manages to be cute, funny, confronting, naughty, full of beauty, and somehow comfortingly Aussie all at the same time. I picked up a copy a couple of years ago but it didn’t quite speak to me as I was still very much in the Cosmopolitan demographic. But then I grabbed a copy at Sydney airport to keep me company in the States, and I was hooked.

It was like they’d looked inside my head and then written about all the things they knew I would like! There were pieces on cool-sounding bands I’d never heard of, recipes, displays of photographic artwork, blurbs on local fashion brands and cute websites, witty and sarcastic rants, eye-opening articles about history and current affairs, and the funniest product road-tests I’d ever seen.

The other day I discovered their website (I’ve been busy, okay?) which has a daily post about even more cool stuff, and there’s a newsletter you can sign up to too. It’s like having your own personal assistant just to scout out all the cool events you might want to be involved in, and all the cool products that will very soon be on your wish list.

Frankie, I could almost wish you arrived more often, but I enjoy the anticipation of waiting for you so much! You’re like the thinking, well-read, creative modern girl’s guide to pop culture and life. Thankyou for coming back into my life, for brightening it up with your witty words, and your well-measured dose of real life mixed with just enough shiny happy pretty things to keep my materialistic side happy. You’re my favourite.


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2 Responses to “My favourite magazine”

  1. alison Says:

    I love Frankie too! I’m probably too old for their target demographic but I buy it anyway because I wish it’d been round when I was younger :)

  2. sissorlove Says:

    Mmmmm when I first discovered frankie I was so delighted to find a thick heavy magazine whose pages wouldn’t rip if you were just in the mood to flick. But of course this is the kind of magazine you almost have to read from front to back in one sunny morning sitting. Oh and their artist illustrations……

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