We had a nice day today, a good mix of going out and discovering, and staying in and relaxing. We got up early to go to the Farmers’ Markets, where I got these lovely yellow gerberas, which are now brightening up our kitchen while I wait for the tulip buds to open too.


We also made a trip out to the Fyshwick Markets to go to the game butcher. As well as sharing a bag of hot, salty macadamias, we tried a piece of apple from one of the greengrocers, who was standing out the front of his shop shouting his wares at the top of his voice, assuring everyone that his apples were ‘chilli chicken flavour’. It’s nice to see the spirit of the larrikin is alive and kicking.

We had a nice slow afternoon, with a bit of relaxing, a nice walk, and some cooking. We made rocket gnocchi in butter sauce for dinner—so buttery but so good!


And now I’m off to have a bath.


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