New office

I moved into a new office this week!

stag blackboard sticker

It’s the first time I’ve been by myself, so I’m taking the opportunity to decorate it just how I want.

my desk

It’s on the lowest floor which means it’s nice and quiet—there aren’t many offices down here. And this floor is the only part of the observatory with slab heating. No more fussing with radiator knobs for me! There’s a graduated temperature control on the wall, and if my feet get cold, I just take off my shoes.


There’s a nice view out to the Brindabella mountains from my window, too. And did I mention the reverse cycle aircon unit, the ceiling fan, or the lights with dimmer switches? (Dimmer switches! In an office! What luxury.) I’m a big fan of the frosted glass walls on the corridor side too.

frosted glass wall

It’s still a bit echoey in here, but I have plans for several indoor plants and hopefully a comfy seat. Oh, and all that work that needs to be done…


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4 Responses to “New office”

  1. Jejune Says:

    Congrats on the new office! You’re very lucky not to have to share! The views are spectacular, aren’t they?

  2. sissorlove Says:

    Oh wow…you lucky duck! A nice cough to curl up on while doing reading or drafts would be spesh.

  3. Annie Says:

    woohoo! very swish! – will look simply delish with some plants, too.. :D

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    […] lacepetticoat I’ve long had a bit of a thing for woodland animals (e.g. all those owls, the stag on my door). So it should come as no surprise that the blog taking up most of my […]

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