My favourite hair colour



A hint of the exciting peeking out from the tame. Purple goodness amongst the brown. Enough to be different, surprising, luxurious, but not over the top.


I have to thank the wonderfully talented Sissorlove for this colour and style. After the high maintenance of spiky blue hair when I was 17, I was hesitant about non-natural colours . But she managed to pick something that was subtle with a secret thrill—just perfect. The great thing about the positioning of the purple bits is that they sometimes peek out, but sometimes hide. I’ve had my hair like this for almost two years now, and still every now and then someone who I see every day says ‘how long has your hair been purple?’ I love it.


So, thankyou for your insight and creativity my lovely, and I can’t wait to see you soon!


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5 Responses to “My favourite hair colour”

  1. Jejune Says:

    I LOVE your hair colour … I try purple now and then, but it always seems to turn into a rather nasty aqua blue :p I love the way you just have streaks of it peeking through – very cool :)

  2. sissorlove Says:

    awh you make me go all squishy inside :) so much love. can’t wait to see you either!

  3. sissorlove Says:

    ps… I adore the braid and the flicks you’ve got going on :D

  4. SP Says:

    Love love love the hair. Thinking of going all over red myself. Been meaning to do it for years and now might be the time.

  5. Brisbane « An odd assortment Says:

    […] Seriously, if you’re in Brisbane, get her to do your hair. She did my hair, complete with awesome purple bits, even more awesome this time. Then we met the lovely Suzie—who I went to high school with, […]

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