Owls progress

I accidently left my secret knitting at work last weekend, which allowed me the guilty pleasure of working on my owls jumper for two blissful, deadline-free days. I got as far as joining the sleeves to the body!


And now it’s looking much more like a real jumper, and less like a random collection of tubes. I’m about to finally start the owls themselves, so this is definitely the home stretch.

It wasn’t until I started the chart that I realised I haven’t twisted a cable in ages…hardly ever in fact. The few times I did it, I can’t remember it being such a hassle—but still, maybe I should make a few practise owls first.

Of course, now that it looks like I might actually be able to wear this in the foreseeable future, the weather has become warm and delightfully springy. And completely unsuitable for the wearing of jumpers one has spent ages knitting. However this is Canberra, city of unpredictable weather. This time last year someone scoffed at me knitting a scarf, but two weeks later I was wearing it. We’ll see.


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One Response to “Owls progress”

  1. Annie Says:

    you are so clever! :D

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