My favourite bag

I’d like to introduce you to Oscar the Owl. He is absolutely the coolest handbag I have ever seen in my life. And he’s mine!


Oscar is named partly for a game I had as a child, involving different coloured owls, but also partly for his uncanny resemblance to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. I bought him from the Southbank markets in Brisbane a few years ago, from a stall filled with coloured leather bags and purses in the shapes of different animals. It was all so cute and so clever (purple hippopotamus coin purse, anyone?) but Oscar stood out from the crowd. And it wasn’t very long before he decided to come home with me.


He’s made completely from leather, and each of his little feathers is a separate piece, dyed, embossed and riveted onto the main body. His beak has been cut around on two sides so that it stands proud of the rest of his face, poised to nip any presumptuous fingers. His frowny face lifts up to reveal the main pocket of the bag, and his two wings are extra pockets with zippers of their own. My phone lives in one of them.

wing pocket

I am totally in love with Oscar, and it’s pretty clear he’s popular with everyone else too. Whenever I take him out into public, it’s pretty much guaranteed I will get stopped by several people who exclaim in delight and surprise over his thunderous brow, his cleverly made feathers, and his general grumpy but useful nature. Oscar takes this attention pretty well, and although he frowns throughout I think he rather likes it.

angry but cute

I love owning something that’s almost unique, and can bring a smile to the faces of so many more people than just me. How strange that a frown, and not a smile, can spread more smiles.


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