New yarn

I keep saying I won’t buy any more until I knit up some of my stash, but I do. And how could I resist this lovely stuff? At least, I console myself, only one of these was an impulse purchase.


I have ten balls (ten!) of this lovely purple, chunky, soft, single ply wool. I am planning to knit Ysolda Teague’s Liesl cardigan very soon and this, I think, will make a lovely version. I probably won’t need ten balls to do it (actually, I’m pretty damn sure I won’t need ten) but I wasn’t planning to buy the yarn quite so soon and didn’t look at the pattern yardage before we went to the yarn shop. And, you know, it’s better to err on the side of caution than run out of yarn. It just breaks my heart that I’m going to have a few balls of this beautiful, soft, purple snuggly wool left over to use on something else…just breaks it. As you can tell.

And that wasn’t even the impulse purchase.


It just mystifies me how these things manage to jump from the sale bin into my bag. But now I have four balls of this beautifully smooth merino, silk, and cashmere blend, in the most delicate silvery dove grey. I think it should be enough to make a lacy shrug to wear over summer dresses. And I need a neutral shrug, to work with all those brightly coloured dresses. Honest!

The entire purpose of the yarn-shopping expedition (I always want to spell it expotition, with Christopher Robin) was for Amanda to buy wool to make her first scarf, and first project, with. She’s doing so well, and I’m so proud! But somehow yarn shops won’t let me leave without buying something for myself too. I suppose I should just accept that fact.


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One Response to “New yarn”

  1. marg Says:

    love that cashmere – so elegant.
    That purple might jus need a pair of gloves to go with the jumper = now there’s a challenge for you

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