dust storm

This is what Canberra looked like on Tuesday. We spent the whole day in the midst of a dust storm that seriously reduced visibility (there are normally lots of mountains in the view above). It was strange and eerie and surprisingly a lot less windy than Canberra is capable of. We were all a bit weirded out (you’d think we’d get more of these in such a dry country) but it seems like nothing compared to what Sydney’s been experiencing today. From the pictures I’ve seen, it seems the storm really built up some power by the time it got there. It looks waaaaay dustier than this does.

Ironically, we had a proper storm last night which settled the dust for us, so today was clear. Australia is a country of extremes and Canberra is good at them. We hardly ever get dust storms, and we hardly ever get thunderstorms and lots of rain, but we got both in the space of twenty-four hours yesterday. Seriously, I think it rained for about twelve hours straight. It must be a record or something.


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