Spinning adventures

I haven’t been spinning much lately, but this isn’t for lack of enthusiasm—merely lack of fibre and lack of time in which to spin. But I did manage to finish off that glorious purple merino I got at the craft fair, and the last of the bond corriedale we used in class.


I definitely think there’s some improvement there. Sure, it’s still uneven, and sure, it’s a little too twisty, but it’s a lot less uneven, and not quite as twisty. And the colour of that purple is so darling I’m pretty much willing to forgive myself anything. I was a bit worried that the varied colours didn’t match up when I plied it, but now I think I like it.

I’ve recently finished a deadline-project, which means I now have a bit more time to spin and knit other things (FO news soon, I’m really proud of this one if a little glad to see the back of it, but you have to wait until the recipient has it!). So last night I celebrated by going to my first spinning group, with some of the other Spinners & Weavers Guild members. It was nice to spin in company again, and even nicer to meet in someone’s home instead of the chilly Guild rooms. I practised my evenness on some more bond corriedale, and got the chance to teach a visitor from the US how to drink tea through a Tim Tam. That’s me, all class. I’m really looking forward to the weekend spinning retreat in October, or ‘spinning camp’ as I like to think of it. I love the fact that what’s seen as such a tame pastime can be done by very funny and colourful people!


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One Response to “Spinning adventures”

  1. marg Says:

    tea thru a timtam – it’s gotta be coffee!

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