Having a ball

I’ve discovered an alternative to yarn shopping. It’s called, Getting Your Stash Out To Say Hello. You pull out all your stash, grin and giggle and snuggle it all over again, find things you forgot you bought, remember how much you love other things, dream about what you’ll make with it, and generally have a smashing good time. With the added bonus that this time, it doesn’t cost anything.

It turns out that a good excuse to Get Your Stash Out To Say Hello is to wind it all into balls. This way, if the fancy takes you, you can grab something and start swatching or experimenting straight away, without having the disappointing realisation (again) that you can’t knit from a skein, and that winding it into a ball isn’t what you really want to do, right now (again). And of course, you get to Get Your Stash Out To Say Hello, with all the fun that that entails (why does that sound vaguely seedy?).

This week I wound some of my stash skeins into balls, using the ball winder and swift generously lent to me by machenmachen.


And it was so quick, compared to winding it by hand! And fun! (Mind you, vacuuming is fun compared to winding wool by hand. Especially when the perfectly spherical ball you can’t help but make escapes and rolls across the floor, undoing in one brief joyful burst of energy what’s taken you hours to achieve.) And I got to Say Hello to so many lovely things I’d half-forgotten. Take this yarn, for example. How could I forget how beautiful it was? I bought this in Santa Fe and pretty much haven’t looked at it since. Why? With colours like childhood sweets and sunsets, and the soft smooth texture that only angora and lambswool can provide, why haven’t I been admiring this every single day?


It was pretty much the same with all the other skeins—become awestruck by breathtaking beauty of yarn, stand open-mouthed in wonderment of softness of yarn, prod self out of snuggling said yarn long enough to fit skein onto swift, watch mesmerised like a kitten as yarn spins magically and gracefully from swift to ball winder. I think that as I took each freshly wound ball off the winder and tucked it back into the stash bag, I actually said aloud ‘so pretty!’. Um, eleven times.

'so pretty!'

But my husband must be used to my strangeness by now.

So: Knitters far and wide, I exhort you: Get Your Stash Out To Say Hello! You definitely won’t regret it, but you may cause mild distress amongst innocent bystanders.


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2 Responses to “Having a ball”

  1. sissorlove Says:

    You are so cute : D it’s okay… I find myself talking to myself often, not noticing the odd glances that come my way untill someone finally pipes up and says “are you talking to me?” Of course not!


  2. Alex Says:

    Totally agree with you – always good to get your stash out. But I try to avoid it when Pooch is about. Gives him too much ammo.

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