I know it’s been over a week but I finally have time to tell you all about my wonderful trip to Brisbane. I’ve been very busy since I got back, so remembering how lovely this trip was has made my week easier!

The reason for the trip was my Aunty Tina’s 50th birthday party. She turned fifty in mid-September, but since she and her family live in Perth, they waited until the school holidays to have a big party in Brisbane, where most of the rest of my extended family lives. Apart from the opportunity to see family (especially my parents) I have several good friends in Brisbane, so when Mum offered to help with my costs, I jumped at the chance.

We had an absolutely beautiful week—as I’ve said before, Brisbane is my favourite city, and it’s hard for me to imagine anything nicer than revelling in my favourite places in the company of some of my favourite people. We packed so much in that I’m going to split this post into two, or it would be unbearably long, so check back tomorrow for the second part!

I flew into Brisbane on Tuesday morning and Mum met me at the airport. This was such a treat—I’m used to flying on business and having to arrange taxis in unfamiliar cities, so it was lovely to see a friendly (and very dear) face at the arrivals gate. Our fun but hectic week started straight away, as I whisked Mum off for some mother-daughter girls’ time and some lovely high tea at High Societea in Clayfield.

high tea

This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever had high tea at, and going back for the second time was even more lovely than the first. Linen tablecloths, flowered wallpaper, pretty teacups, roses on every table, a huge range of fragrant teas, and dainty little things to eat on tiered trays. We had the Royal Ascot high tea which comes with a complimentary glass of Pimm’s. Perfect!

my pimm's and my teapot

After our tea we checked into our apartment in Spring Hill, just north of the city. It turned out to be much roomier than we expected, with two balconies—or I guess patios, since we were on the ground floor (hurrah for not hauling suitcases up the stairs!). Our front patio looked onto the leafy courtyard.


It was nice to have enough space to relax, as so often you don’t get that in hotel rooms. There was a respectable amount of reading on the couch

mum reading

and knitting on the patio.

knitting on the patio in the springtime

My brother Matt, who I don’t see very often, came to spend the afternoon with us, which was lovely. Later that evening we all went around to the apartment where my Aunty Tina, and my Uncle and cousins were staying, in popular Kangaroo Point. I wish I’d taken a photo from their balcony, it had a great view. It was great to see everyone again—these are the cousins that are closest to Matt’s and my age, and before they moved to Perth we used to play together a lot. I managed to get a cheesy photo of me and Matt, isn’t it great?

matt and me

You’d never believe he’s younger than me.

Tina, who’s an extremely talented quilter, gave Mum the most beautiful quilted wall-hanging in her favourite colours. I think it’s amazing and I’m very jealous. I love how those curls of green look just like young tendrils on a fern.


On Wednesday Mum spent the day with family while I saw two of my most special friends. Beautiful Emma and I went to primary school together, and she’s now the most creative hairdresser I know, with the best eye for colour. Seriously, if you’re in Brisbane, get her to do your hair. She did my hair, complete with awesome purple bits, even more awesome this time. Then we met the lovely Suzie—who I went to high school with, and is now doing her masters in archaeology—for lunch in West End. West End is a little bit different from most of Brisbane, which I like. I guess you could call it alternative—it’s full of different restaurants, chilled cafes and quirky little shops. We had lunch at an amazing Greek place, and enjoyed sitting outside in the breeze that soothed the hot day.

emma and me

After lunch Suzie took us to a new yarn shop in Newstead, Tangled Yarns.

tangled yarns1

Oh my goodness. It’s beautiful. I want to live here.

tangled yarns2

It’s like your dream LYS come true. A big, airy space with high ceilings and lots of natural light, let in by two storeys of windows. Beautiful yarns from Australia and all over the world (including several that are hard to find in Aussie shops, like Cascade and Malabrigo) arranged meticulously in clean white shelving. The most gorgeous buttons I’ve ever seen. Friendly staff who serve great tea and coffee as well as knowing their knitting inside and out. A big kitchen table to sit and knit around, or comfy armchairs if you need something more relaxing. Books, needles, patterns, knitted samples, and all the accessories you could possibly want. Heaven. It’s actually nicer than all of the yarn shops I visited in the US, and considering those left all the Aussie shops I knew in the dust, this really is something special. I. am. so. going. back.

But there is more to life than knitting, particularly when one of your party is a non-knitter with a limited attention span for yarn, and everyone is getting tired anyway. My two lovely girls dropped me back to Spring Hill (augmented by a sizeable yarn purchase) where Mum arrived shortly after. We decided on a quiet night, just popping around the corner for some comforting Japanese food. The tempura prawns were very good

prawny good

and the miso hit the spot perfectly.


Then we popped back around the corner for bed, anticpating the excitement of tomorrow.


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4 Responses to “Brisbane”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hey – that’s one good looking brother! The yarn shop looks beautifully laid out too. Did you buy anything?

  2. lacepetticoat Says:

    I did! Will post pics of my purchases soon :)

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