A little bit of parent-love on a Wednesday

I found the wonderful site My Parents Were Awesome through the Frankie newsletter the other day, and am in love already. Who knew looking at old photos of other people’s parents could be so cool? Perhaps it’s because I’m a big lover of vintage fashion, or because I really treasure my relationship with my parents. In any case, looking at those photos made me remember some of the awesome ones that are tucked away in Mum and Dad’s photo albums—my parents as a young couple going to a ball in full 70s regalia, my Mum looking hot in a bikini, Dad’s great 70s hairstyle. I have to grab some of those next time I go home—I don’t have any here or I would definitely share them! But here’s a pic of me and Mum, taken when I was about 3 months old. I love that perm, and the straw fans on the wall in the background.

mum and me

I think the concept of My Parents Were Awesome is so lovely—what’s nicer than celebrating the people who brought you into this world, and their lives before they did?


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One Response to “A little bit of parent-love on a Wednesday”

  1. sissorlove Says:

    I wonder if they tell their parents so, though…

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