Cold weather pastimes

It’s turned cold again, which means we’ve all gone back to our winter habits. It still looks like Spring outside, but the chill is very reminiscent of winter. I’ve been hunkering down on the couch, drinking hot chocolate from my hug mug

hug mug

perfect for warming the hands as well as the insides. I’ve also been doing more knitting—I made a whole baby hat last weekend.


This is for Liz, whose baby shower is happening today. I know it’s not pumpkin season, but it will be by the time the little tyke is ready to wear this. Hopefully we’ll have had some warm weather by then…


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3 Responses to “Cold weather pastimes”

  1. sissorlove Says:

    Oh wow…. that’s awesome… I want an adult sized one : D

    I miss you… I miss your love and I know I didn’t adequately show it… and hardly ever do… I love you. Take care. Will call

  2. Alex Says:

    I misread a line in your post as “made a whole baby last weekend” !! Did a real double take! I’m just over two years married too and I know what you mean about it getting stronger. And flowers are work are a very wonderful thing!

  3. I’m a knitting demon « An odd assortment Says:

    […] it ADORABLE? I think she really liked it, and the pumpkin hat too. It’s the Candy Cane pattern from ‘Itty Bitty Hats’ by Susan B Anderson, made […]

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