I’m a knitting demon

Those purple socks really seem to have gotten me into the habit of doing a lot of knitting. I think I’m enjoying the process a little more these days, instead of thinking only of the day when I’ll be able to wear/use/give away the finished project. Or maybe it’s just that everything I’ve been knitting lately is either small-sized or large-gauge (or both), which means things are finished quickly and I get a lot of healthy variety in my knitting diet. Who cares? Maybe I should buy a bumper sticker that says ‘I’d rather be knitting’ and stop analysing.

Anyway, there are a couple of new things to show you. I made another cute baby hat for Liz, in a style that I like to think of as ‘Wee Willy Winky’.

wee willy winky hat

Isn’t it ADORABLE? I think she really liked it, and the pumpkin hat too. It’s the Candy Cane pattern from ‘Itty Bitty Hats’ by Susan B Anderson, made in Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton, which is nice and thick and definitely the softest cotton yarn I’ve ever found. I modified the pattern very slightly by attaching a large bell to the point of the hat instead of a pom pom—I thought a bell would be a bit safer for a baby, and it was much cuter in the end anyway. ‘There’s something about a man who tinkles gently when he moves’ — Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies.

The project is Raveled here. There are two important lessons I’ve learnt from making this hat that I’d like to share with you:

1. Cotton dries much slower than wool. Block knitted cotton gifts with plenty of time, and

2. Balls of yarn make great baby-hat-models.

In any case I think this hat definitely gets the tick of approval—almost everyone I showed it to (including me) now wants an adult-sized one.

On Saturday night I finally started my Liesl cardigan! I’m using that gorgeous squishy bulky purple wool I bought with Amanda. It’s so soft and snuggly and beautiful that although I suspect it will probably develop a halo and pill pretty quickly, I don’t care very much. I’m getting a larger gauge than I should but hopefully knitting a size down means the cardigarn will fit me in the end. From the initial try-ons (I love knitting top-down!) it looks like once blocked, all should be good.

Apart from being a dream to knit with, the bulky yarn means Liesl is growing very quickly. Here she is on Saturday, after I’d downed tools for the night:


and on Sunday at the same time:


so much bigger! Although apparently I’d knitted too much to be able to take non-blurry photos. I’m making the sleeved version, so those cap sleeves are on spare circulars waiting their turn at the moment. I’m going through the wool quicker than I thought, but hopefully there will be enough for decent sleeves.

My owls jumper is just about done too—it’s still missing buttons, but that hasn’t stopped me from giving it two outings already. There will be proud pics as soon as all the owls have their eyes!


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