I’m going to what I like to think of as ‘Spinning Camp’ this weekend. Although I’m a beginner I thought it would be nice to have something pretty to play with, as a change from the white Bond-Corriedale I’ve been using since I learnt to spin. So I ordered some pretties from Treetops in Western Australia, and they arrived today, in plenty of time for the weekend. Thank goodness for Express Post.

I have some Royal Indigo semi-solid (which is darker than this picture suggests)

blue pretties

and some of a hand-dyed mix in Heartache, beautiful variations on a strong red. It isn’t quite as saturated as it looks in this pic, but my camera isn’t so good with strong colours.

red pretties

Aren’t they looovely? They’re both merino, so should be well within my spinning abilities. But it’s nice to play with something a bit more interesting than plain white.


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