The unintentional secret project

I have a confession to make…there’s something I haven’t been telling you.

I believe in openness and honesty in relationships, so trust me when I say I didn’t mean to keep secrets from you. It’s just that, well…somehow this just slipped my mind. Really. It’s my fault, I promise. Sometimes life just gets busy, and I forget that I haven’t blogged about everything I’m knitting.

I’m sorry, did you think I was talking about something else?

Anyway. So I realised that I hadn’t told you about my Damson shawlette, although it’s something I’ve been working on just about every day. Talk about absent-mindedness. I think I’ve been knitting this thing for a month now. Actually I’m close to binding off. But better late than never, right?


Look at that lovely squishy garter stitch! Can you forgive me now? And yes, it really is that oversaturated, brilliant blue. And I mean oversaturated, dye has been coming off on my fingers.

I guess part of the reason for the brainfluff is that this was kind of a last-minute project—at 10pm the night before I flew to Brisbane I was on Ravelry feverishly trying to find a project to take that was small and simple enough to knit while in conversation, for which I already had (a) the yarn and (b) the needles. Shawlettes make pretty portable knitting and the shape of Damson appealed to me. And it calls for 440 yards of yarn, and I had two skeins of Cascade 220 burning a hole in my stash. Match made in heaven, right?


That’s the second ball, and the rows are getting longer. I mean, yarn-gobblingly long. I wish it wasn’t so difficult to knit with all your fingers crossed.


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4 Responses to “The unintentional secret project”

  1. margaret Says:

    It’s great to see how much that shawlette has grown over the last few weeks. I bet it looks gorgeous when done.

  2. sissorlove Says:

    Oh miss Chris… aside from your unending talent, that photograph is so beautiful, just the colour and texture, I want it in my hands : )

  3. Kelly Says:

    The colour of the Cascade 220 is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it finished. :)

  4. votedwithourforks Says:

    If your are knitting with your fingers crossed you can always try knitting faster to reach the end before it runs out.

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