My favourite thing on a Friday

is dressing down. Yay for casual Fridays!

friday clothes

I’m lucky that I work somewhere where I can dress down any day I like. But there’s something about Fridays that just screams ‘casual!’. I guess it’s ’cause we’re thinking of the weekend, and we’re all fed up with playing Professional Workers since Monday. And anyway, what’s more awesome than being able to wear a t-shirt and Converse to work?

You’ll notice I look rather deliriously excited in this photo—this is not just because of casual Friday, but because I’m going away for the weekend. We have four days in the Blue Mountains, so I’ll see you on Wednesday. Till then, have a relaxing weekend, and if you’re having a little flutter on Tuesday, may the best horse win!


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3 Responses to “My favourite thing on a Friday”

  1. sissorlove Says:

    You look so cute. You have quite honestly the best dress sence of anyone I know. And I have a weak spot for fishnets and converse grunge looks :)

    I hope your weekend is at least as half as beautiful as you are! Take care my love.x

    ps. I think your hair likes the sea salt. Looking goood.

  2. The Dadster! Says:

    Your bum looks big in that!

  3. lacepetticoat Says:

    :D You’re an arse Dad…

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