Blue damson (and many parenthetical remarks)


Introducing my latest finished knitwear project: the blue damson.

I finished this shawlette a couple of weeks ago but the eventual (welcome) arrival of Summer means there hasn’t been a pressing need to block it. It languished in my knitting basket (okay, okay, on the couch covered with knitting paraphernalia), ends unwoven, until the quiet idleness of Sunday afternoon made me think that I really should get on with it. It blocked beautifully (oh, the millions of pins…) and quickly (ah, the delights of summer!), and yesterday afternoon was all done and ready to meet the world.


Pattern: Damson by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in a bright, saturated blue (possibly 8891 or 8892)

Needles: 4mm circular that was much too short

My blue damson on Ravelry

I like this pattern, and although it calls for sock yarn I think it works well with the DK-weight Cascade (and the yardage is perfect, binding off was a bit tense but I had at least a metre left). It’s shaped perfectly both to drape around your shoulders and scrunch around your neck. And when laid out, the tapered crescent shape and the zigzag lace edging make me think of a moth’s wings.

So: world, meet blue damson. Blue damson, meet the world. And now, back in the cupboard to wait for autumn.



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4 Responses to “Blue damson (and many parenthetical remarks)”

  1. bells Says:

    it’s absolutely gorgeous! I want a DK weight damson. Beautiful!

  2. sissorlove Says:

    The secoand photo of you has to be my favorite everr and the Damson is beautiful. Why do they call you that? It looks like a shawlette to me..

    Such a beautiful girl. Miss you so

  3. Alex Says:

    That colour is great on you. Did I send you this receipe before? I think you might like it. If you do make them eat them warm – to die for! Just watch out for scalding jam.

  4. Kelly Says:

    I’ll second what Bells said – it’s gorgeous! And Alex is right, the colour does look great on you! :) And now for some original material… I know I’m going on a shawl hiatus after I block my Clothilde, but you’ve just reminded me why I love shawls! It looks great when worn like a scarf. :)

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