Thoughts on productivity

I  haven’t been knitting very long. It’s about three and a half years now, and while I wouldn’t call myself a beginner (I can do some stuff pretty well, you know) I don’t think I really qualify as intermediate—there’s lots of things I’ve never tried, like fair isle, or i-cord edging, or learning the right way to weave in ends. Let’s call me an advanced beginner, then. I’m decent, but I’m learning new things all the time.

With knitting (for those of you who don’t) some of the things you learn aren’t about the craft itself, but are instead about yourself, or the community, or the practicalities… kind of like the knitting metadata. For example, I’ve learned that knitting with small pointy needles will inevitably poke small painful holes in my right index finger. That the majority of knitters will come at you with pointed implements if you give them acrylic yarn or fun fur. That you shouldn’t go into a yarn shop on payday.

Lately I’ve been discovering about knitting productivity.

I was always determined not to be one of those knitters who never gets any knitting done over summer. I mean, sure, you’re less likely to want to wear knitted garments in summer, but not knitting means you’re wasting a whole season. And imagine how prepared you’d feel if you could have your entire winter wardrobe finished before the first frost. A good argument, no?

But then I discovered how unpleasant it is to have a lap full of woollen jumper on a 35 degree day. Quite unpleasant, really. Rather like portable prickly-heat rash.

I’m determined to get through this. I’m sick of having my winter knits finished just as the first real hot weather arrives. I’m sick of getting that guilty feeling of idleness whenever I look at my WIP bag and realise I haven’t knitted for a month. And anyway, blocking is so much quicker in summer. My house is so hard to heat that in winter it can take over a week for a large project to dry.

So, this summer, I am pledging to knit at least once every week. Given that this is in line with wanting my summer shrug and my autumn cardigans finished, it should be easy, right?

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll ask for calamine lotion for Christmas.


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2 Responses to “Thoughts on productivity”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’m totally with you on this! I’m determined to not let summer get in the way of my knitting so that I’m actaully able to WEAR some of the things I’ve knitted next winter. There’s also a bonus in that the lighter things you knit can be used even earlier in Autumn. :)

  2. bells Says:

    the idea of not knitting over summer is absurd! I just modify what I knit and get irritated hen I hear people say they only knit in winter. How could you only knit in winter? How on earth would you have all your winter cardigans ready????

    So I knit lace. And cardigans. And small items like mittens. Elizabeth Zimmermann, in her almanac says the summer months are for squirreling away those small knitted items that are needed in winter and I couldn’t agree more! I run a thing called A Long Lacy Summer (it started on Nov 1) for people who want to devote the summer to lace – it’s good fun!

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