My new favourite summer drink

Is homemade ginger beer. Yum!

I found this recipe months ago and have been waiting for summery weather ever since. It was surprisingly easy to make, and definitely worth the effort. I love the freedom of being able to adjust the ginger, the lemon and the sugar to my taste.

This really is the perfect drink for a summer afternoon—refreshing, tasty, and versatile. Have it on its own, or mix it into a cocktail. My favourite is the Moscow Mule, which I think is improved no end by the addition of mint leaves. And the other day a friend was telling me about an amazing drink she tried, made of red wine, ginger beer and soda water. I’ll have to have a go at that one.

Cheers! What’s your drink of choice this summer?


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2 Responses to “My new favourite summer drink”

  1. Alex Says:

    I am a mule lover too – try a berry mule. If you are feeling energetic you add freshly mashed strawberries and raspberries to your usual mule and maybe some strawberry syrup. Or if you’re lazy like me you just add the strawberry syrup. Also good without the liquor just as a soft drink type thing. Your liesl looks fab too!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Not a huge fan of ginger beer, though I wish I was looking at yours! :) I’ve taken to adding soda water to almost anything – cordial, fruit juice… It curbs my craving for soft drink and is really refreshing at the same time.

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