Okay, that’s… wait, what?

While deciding what to wear to dinner last night, I tried on this dress.

Just your average 50s-inspired cocktail dress in a rather heavy gumleaf-green cotton. Then I happened to glance at the tag:

5% wire? Huh??

Now there is definitely no wire shaping or boning in this dress so I have no idea what they’re on about. I suspect this is another confusing example of Engrish. But hey, it made my day.


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2 Responses to “Okay, that’s… wait, what?”

  1. votedwithourforks Says:

    Don’t mock the tag it is quite ‘real’ (unlike the 100% cotton label on my polypropylene vest). I recently purchased meters of a similar fabric in Melbourne. The wire, generally very fine stainless steel is designed to give the rumpled effect, which apart from general wrinkles, cannot be maintained in a cotton fabric. By contrast in many synthetic fabrics you can heat set the wrinkles permanently.

    The vendor where I bought my fabric warned against ironing directly on the fabric as this can easily break the wires and result in a scratchy wearing on your skin. If your dress is lined this probably won’t be a problem. I also own a pair of pull on trousers made of a similar fabric and the unbound edge around the waist gives me a nasty scratch after wearing it for any length of time. Binding the edge is definitely a job I must do and soon.

  2. sissorlove Says:

    How very odd… I suppose to give the linen effect with a cheaper more obtainable fabric?

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