Needle roll!

My lovely and talented friend Libby sewed me the most amazing needle roll for my birthday/Christmas present last year, and it was finally finished last week! And like all gifts that are handmade with love and thoughtfullness, it was well worth waiting for.

I know it’s hard to tell the exact size from that picture, but let me elucidate in part by saying this thing fits ALL my needles. With room for more.

I don’t sew (but wish I could) so a custom-sewn gift is very exciting for me. I knew this was coming, and got to choose the inner fabrics at the last Handmade Markets. Then it was a matter of giving Libby all my not-immediately-needed needles, and anticipating the finished product.

Libby has the basics of knitting, and understands a knitter’s needs. This roll has pouches for different sized straights, dpns, and circulars, with a few special pockets for scissors, needle gauges and the like. It has a generous fold-down flap to ensure the needles stay securely in their slots, a tie to keep it rolled up, and best of all the whole thing is washable cotton. And I love the cute fabric she picked for the outside.

A work of genius, no?

Thankyou so much Libby, for the cutest, most useful, most thoughtful present ever :)


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2 Responses to “Needle roll!”

  1. Lix Says:

    Ooooo, love the needle roll. The fabric choices are brilliant. Love the astro boy fabric!

  2. Jejune Says:

    That is very very cool! The spaceman fabric is perfect, too :)

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