When we planted our vegie garden I intended to document its growth regularly, both photographically and in words, to record, both for you and myself, its development. Wouldn’t it be nice, thought I (with the best of intentions), to be able to look back, once we are harvesting our vegies, and see how far they’ve come?

Yes. Well. Haven’t heard much, have you?

In fact I don’t think I even mentioned that our new garden was for vegies, or that our newborn seedlings were broccoli and brussels sprouts, with baby carrots, spinach, snow peas, dwarf beans and purple beans yet to be sown. And my photojournalism aspirations didn’t come to anything much either. This is the last photo I took, just after the dwarf beans sprouted, on Valentine’s Day.

The next photo I managed was on Saturday.

The row of dwarf beans is on the left, with, moving towards the right, a row of snow peas easily as high as my chest, and finally the towering purple beans—or rather, purple beans that would tower if we had taller stakes. They make do with twining around the neighbouring snow peas, twisting around each other, and growing back down to the ground.

So yes, rather a lot of growth between those two photos. But most excitingly of all, we have harvest!

We picked our first lot of dwarf beans on Saturday afternoon, and they are lovely—crunchy and sweet with that especial ‘I made this myself’ savour. It seems like there will be lots more too. We also ate the first of our spinach on Monday, and it was again first rate. I am definitely into this gardening lark.


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5 Responses to “Beans!”

  1. Emma Says:

    oh wow, those are some good looking beans, and a very healthy looking veggie patch!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I’ll be able to landscape my backyard soon and I’d really like to have a mini vegetable patch as well! :) Those beans look fantastic!

  3. votedwithourforks Says:

    Way to go … just be warned it’s habit forming. Resistance is fertile.

  4. Jejune Says:

    What a great bounty! It’s so satisfying, isn’t it?!

    I’ve had no luck with beans or peas in my little veg patch, either the birds scratch them up or the slugs and snails devour them when they’re tender and tiny >.<

    • votedwithourforks Says:

      Try using a milk carton cut into sections and place them as a physical barrier around your beans. This keeps the snails at bay until the plants get big enough to survive on their own.

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