Lipstick cowl

Allow me to introduce the fourth FO for 2010: my Lipstick Cowl.

This project is a pretty special one for me. Not only was it an improvised pattern, but it’s the first thing I’ve knitted from yarn I spun myself! This is what became of the beautiful treetops merino I spun at Spinning Camp last October. And as well as its luscious lipstick colours and incredible buttery softness, it’s wonderfully cozy. I happened to be knitting the last of this in a seminar at work on an abnormally cold day about a month ago. I hadn’t dressed warmly enough for the weather; when I bound off I simply popped this on. Lovely!

The yarn was spun (intentionally) thick and slubby so I decided garter stitch was the best way to go. From my experience making Urchins it’s fantastic for displaying these sorts of yarns, and I wanted to celebrate the irregularities, not hide them. I used 7mm needles and knit in the round because I couldn’t see any point in seaming something like this. If you’re going to make a cowl this way, I’d recommend knitting with the magic loop method. The long circular needle makes it easy to try the thing on as you go.

As you can see it flares out a little at the bottom; I find this more comfortable—and much warmer—at the base of the neck. For those of you who are interested there are more specific construction details on Ravelry. And for those of you who are confused by the concept of a cowl, just think of it as a turtleneck sweater—without the sweater part.

I think this cowl—the first item of my 2010 winter wardrobe—is going to become a staple. I love its softness and warmth, and I fell in love with the colours six months ago on the treetops website. And again when I spun it. And again when I knitted it. In fact the best demonstration of my love for this cowl is that it was never blocked—when, cold and needy, I put it on in the lecture theatre that day at work, I realised it would be difficult to take it off.


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3 Responses to “Lipstick cowl”

  1. Jejune Says:

    Great job! Gorgeous colours :D I love cowls too, I wear them pretty much non-stop all winter.

  2. Anthea Says:

    Looks fantastic! Great spinning. Sickinger I presume? :)

  3. Harriet the hedgehog « An odd assortment Says:

    […] hedgehog body, perfect to cuddle up to. Actually this may only be the second time I’ve knitted with my own handspun—I’ll have to get cracking on […]

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