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Summer of the shawlette

March 20, 2011

One of the nicest things about being a knitter is knowing other knitters. Especially when those knitters knit you something rather beautiful. You really appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort that someone’s put into a knitted gift when you’re in the habit of doing the same thing yourself.

This beautiful citron shawlette was made for my birthday in December by my good friend Suzie, who is an amazing knitter and deserves to have minstrels sing ballads in her honour. And being a knitter who understands the needs of other knitters, she kindly included the ball band in the gift, to satisfy my fibre curiosity. Naturally I have since lost the label but if memory and tactile examination serve, it’s got a large amount of something wonderful like cashmere or alpaca, and some merino. That’s about as precise as it’s getting today, people.

Everyone comments on this when I wear it. And I’ve discovered something even better than saying, ‘I made this myself’. It’s saying, ‘My friend knitted this for me, she thinks I’m worth all the time, money, and effort she put into this, and don’t you think I’m just the most blessed person on Earth?’ Which is rewarded with many strange looks, as the non-crafters just don’t understand.

Luckily everyone can appreciate the subtly varying shades of lilac and smoky blue, the beautiful softness, and the meticulous construction. None more than me, though!

When January rolled around I realised Suzie’s own birthday was coming up soon, and what better way to thank her than in kind? Luckily we are kindred spirits and I happened to have a skein of Malabrigo sock in my stash in a purple I knew she would love. And damson seemed like the obvious choice of pattern.

Because I’m an adult who’s completely capable of organising her own life and not at all prone to unrealistic assumptions about how much time I have, I of course started this shawl at T minus 2 weeks and knit feverishly every evening, every lunchbreak and at most social events. Totally not overestimating my abilities at all.

Because wonders will never cease, I managed to get it to Suzie only a week after her birthday. That’s me: reliable, realistic, and winning at life. Still, Suzie seemed appropriately pleased, and the project made me realise that damson really is a fairly quick knit, and shawlettes are probably the best knitted gift you can give a female friend or relative, given the lack of sizing issues.

My purple damson is ravelled here.


A hat for Alex

February 15, 2010

It was my friend Alex’s birthday on Saturday, so I made him a hat.

This hat was part of a larger gift that Alex was presented with on Friday (Alex being a work friend meant he got his present a day early). At work we have a tradition for birthday gifts of everyone contributing a small amount of money, and someone buying a large present from all of us. It’s a lovely idea, and I always particularly cherish the card, with its sweet messages from all my friends.

Alex is one of those wonderful people who usually have an idea of what they want for their birthday, making the task of the gift-buyer (me this time around) so much easier. He’s a gentle, thoughtful, and very well-travelled person, and one of those men who doesn’t feel the need for machismo. Best of all, he appreciates the beauty of handknits.

Last year, Alex informed me that his three ideal birthday gifts were (don’t laugh) handknit socks, flowers, and candles. So that’s what he got—a potted cyclamen, a sandalwood candle, and some Noro socks that took me forever to make. This year, he expressed a wish for a warm, slouchy hat to wear in bed, as his pillow lies right underneath a window—chilly for the ears in winter. Hence the hat, which was wrapped up with a huge bunch of flowers, some T2 tea balls, and a stuffed wombat (Alex’s favourite animal since coming to live in Australia).

The pattern is Ripley by Ysolda Teague, made in the soft, squishy, and very warm Freedom Wool. My gauge was a bit large so I knit a size down and all turned out well. As an aside, don’t believe the Freedom Wool ball band when it recommends 10mm needles. I’ve worked with this yarn twice and find 6 or 7mm to be much more appropriate choices.

I just love the rich, luminous navy of this hat, as well as its softness and warmth.

Alex seemed very pleased with it, and so did newly-christened William the Wombat. Maybe I should make William his own hat…

Today is a special day

December 15, 2009

It’s the birthday of the most important person in my life :)

Happy birthday, my love!

Birthday girl!

December 9, 2009

I’ve had such a lovely day! My corridor and office door were decorated for the occasion

My party dress made me feel special and happy all day

I’ve had TWO cakes—a rum and raisin chocolate brownie and this mangomisu with raspberry sauce

Emily provided me with a birthday tiara :)

And my lovely friends gave me the cutest, sweetest card signed by all of them (including haikus and limericks), and the loveliest perfume (just what I wanted and needed!).

Plus all the phone calls, messages and texts from all my family and friends! Birthdays are so nice :)

Green’s not that difficult, actually

June 1, 2009

Just wanted to share some pics of the lovely birthday girl Libby in the beret I knit her!


The pattern is Urchin by Ysolda Teague and I made it in that amazing green handspun I shared with you a little while ago.

Libby’s favourite colour is green. When I was showing her my stash a few months ago she picked up that skein, snuggled into it and told me she loved it—so it’s been earmarked for her since then. I love it when people tell me exactly what they like, it makes gift-giving so much easier!

It’s Libby’s birthday today, but as I’m out of the country (more on that soon) I gave Urchin to her on Thursday, when I saw her last. We were sitting on the couch having coffee at our favourite cafe, A Bite to Eat. A good way for both of us to start our Thursdays, I think.


Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl!