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Birthday girl!

December 9, 2009

I’ve had such a lovely day! My corridor and office door were decorated for the occasion

My party dress made me feel special and happy all day

I’ve had TWO cakes—a rum and raisin chocolate brownie and this mangomisu with raspberry sauce

Emily provided me with a birthday tiara :)

And my lovely friends gave me the cutest, sweetest card signed by all of them (including haikus and limericks), and the loveliest perfume (just what I wanted and needed!).

Plus all the phone calls, messages and texts from all my family and friends! Birthdays are so nice :)


My favourite Christmas treat

November 20, 2009


Sweet, fragrant Italian cake that’s a lot like a soft fruit bread. I am addicted to this stuff and start buying it as soon as it appears, hanging from the ceiling in delicatessens like strange cubist garlands. And continue buying it as long as I can find it (one year it was available until April! Heaven). I have a vintage cake tin that is just the right size and shape to store a panettone, and it pretty much gets constant use over summer.

I love opening a fresh panettone—the floraly-zesty scent (what do they flavour it with?) is strongest then. I inhale the smell greedily after I’ve unwrapped it. Shucking the cardboard box, divesting the panettone of its plastic bag and then peeling away the paper is a ritual that promises exotic delights.

It’s not just the heady scent of panettone that makes it my favourite Christmastime indulgence. I love the lightly sweet, buttery taste, the juicy sultanas, and the contrasting textures of the crumb and the crust. I think part of the reason I eat a lot of it is that it’s not as sweet or as rich as many of the other Christmas treats we get. I love panforte, and almond bread, and fruitcake, and shortbread, and chocolates, and gingerbread, but I only want them every now and then. But panettone is perfect for everyday consumption—in fact I find it hard sometimes to limit myself to one piece a day!

Ooh, I’m getting hungry now. What’s your favourite Christmas treat?

Things I’ve been doing

September 15, 2009

I had a lovely weekend. Here are some of the things I did.

Went to the handmade markets with Amanda and bought a cute summery clutch purse. There were lots of awesome things there but it was so exciting I didn’t take any photos. Then we went home to knit and that was also so absorbing that photos were not taken. But cute clutch, no? I can just imagine it with a few of my sundresses.


Discovered a red camellia bush in our front yard, and filled a float bowl with the flowers. Pretty! The best thing about living in a slightly neglected house is the surprises in the garden every spring.


Baked a strawberry sour cream streusel cake. I have made this recipe a couple of times before but had completely forgotten about it. It takes a little more effort than some cakes but is well worth it, for the dense, tangy sour-cream cake parts, the sweet, fresh, baked-in strawberry puree, and the crunchy topping. Very apt for the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having.

tasty spring cake

Bought some plants for my new office. I particularly like this trailing, tropical-ish one, though I have no idea what it’s called as there was no sticker on the pot when we bought it. Colleagues have suggested it is killer ivy, that one morning they will discover the office a mass of vines, and on hacking their way in with machetes will find me strangled by creeping tendrils. I am unfazed. I also have a maidenhair fern and a peace lily, happily brightening the room and filtering the air.


And planted some tomatoes in the backyard. Well, technically Phil did it I guess, but only because he’s a much better gardener than me, and I was hanging out washing at the time. One plant is in the main garden bed and one around the side of the house, as part of the plan to foil the possums in their attempts to eat them. I’ll let you know how that goes.