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Pink flowers = love

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!


My favourite day of the year

October 16, 2009

The 13th of October, because of what happened two years ago on that date.

just married

It’s the day my lovely husband Phil and I were married, outside under the trees in the morning, in the warmth of a Queensland spring, surrounded by our family and friends. It was such a special day for both of us—a chance to publicly declare our love, celebrate each other, spend time with the people important to us both, and a good excuse for a party. I remember parts of the day with such clarity—Emma doing my makeup in the morning, holding tightly to Phil’s hand as we walked across the grass towards the minister,¬† giving my parents the biggest bear hugs—but other parts are a blur, though a happy blur.

I know it sounds like a clich√©, but I think I can truthfully say that my wedding day was the happiest day of my life. All the stress of planning and organising just wafted away once the ceremony started. I can remember looking up at the tree above us, beyond it to the blue sky, and then smiling to see all my loved ones sitting in front of me, smiling back. The day was just as I’d hoped—joyful, relaxed, friendly, happy, wonderful, funny, meaningful.

It’s hard to believe two years has passed since then, but the date engraved inside my ring tells me it’s true. When I tell people I’ve only been married for two years they smile and say that’s sweet, and then warn me that the honeymoon period doesn’t last forever. But while the marriage is young the relationship isn’t—Phil and I have been together for over nine years, and living together for over seven. I think we’ve got everything sorted out by now, and it makes me so happy that our relationship is better than ever—always affectionate, always best friends, always in love. The more I learn of the world, and watch the people around me, the more I realise how lucky I am.

This last Tuesday was our anniversary, and again, I spent the day feeling blessed and happy. It was the perfect opportunity to think about how happy my wonderful man has made me—and then, he sent me flowers at work!

red roses and purple tulips

Such a lovely surprise, I’ve never had flowers sent to work before. Which made the day also a good opportunity to boast.

I’m so loved, I’m so lucky, I’m so happy—all because of my wonderful husband. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thankyou to my favourite man, for making me feel so special on my favourite day of the year, and every other day too. <3

My favourite flower

September 25, 2009

Welcome again to Favourite Friday, the weekly feature where we focus on the things that make us happy. If you’ve stopped by for the first time, here’s the drill: I share something that I count as a ‘favourite’, that makes me smile or giggle or catch my breath. You’re encouraged to think about your favourite things too, and if you fancy, leave me a comment to tell me what your favourite is. I’ll be looking at a different category each week, but you’re welcome to talk about whatever favourite thing you fancy—it might be in the same category, or it might not. To get you in the mood, check out some of my previous posts on my favourite album, my favourite shoes, and my favourite magazine. Or, simply click on the ‘Favourite Friday’ tag at the bottom of this post, and you’ll be able to see all the posts in this series. We can all do with a little more positivity in our lives, and taking some time to think about the good things, rather than the bad things, can turn a bad day into a good one.

As you’ve already guessed from the title of this post, this week I want to tell you about my favourite flower.

This is obviously a rather appropriate topic, as we’re in the middle of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. But even more so, because Floriade, the annual flower festival, is happening in Canberra at the moment. And, as luck would have it, the display at Floriade heavily features my favourite flower—the tulip.

white tulip

There’s so many things I love about tulips, but it’s hard to say what sets them apart from other flowers. I love their delicate, feminine shape and the silky lustre of their petals. I love their long slender stems. I love the variety of colours and shapes, and it’s always hard to decide which colour I like the best.

colours of tulips

I love the way, like other bulbs, they sneak up out of the bare earth before winter has really lost its hold, surprising me again with their beauty. I love the way that each colour somehow conjures up a scene, a memory, or a mood. The two pinks in the photo below, coupled with the white, somehow seem to be the colour of romance.


These yellows make me think of sunshine, cool drinks, floral dresses and bare feet.


The blush pinks are ballet classes, taken on spring afternoons with your best friend when you’re eight years old.


I love the way tulips make the perfect partners for so many other sorts of flowers. Different shapes and colours in a bouquet, or similar colours and different heights in a garden bed.

friendly tulips

I love how tulips are so breathtaking yet modest up close, and how from far away the shapes blur and blend into splashes of colour across the ground.

colour smudges

As I said, I love many other flowers for similar reasons, but somehow tulips just speak to me. They always lift my mood and make me smile. Maybe it’s my Dutch heritage? In any case, if ever I’m given a bouquet of tulips, I have to take photos of it. And I never mind taking multiple trips to Floriade.

so pretty


September 22, 2009

There’s flowers blooming everywhere at our house.


Aren’t these double daffodils lovely? I’d forgotten how pretty they were.

arum lily

My arum lily is definitely going to have more than one flower this year.


These daffodils were one of those little garden surprises, coming up at the edge of a garden bed.


And the tulips are coming out!

My favourite season

August 28, 2009


peach tree

Although it’s still officially winter, flowers are beginning to peep out everywhere.

daffodils and some cute little white flowers

I must say I like the weather of Summer the best, and it’s Summer I look forward to every year. But Spring, with its leaves unfurling and its flowers pushing out into the chilly air, brings a sense of anticipation with its beauty. The anticipation of something good always makes it all the more special, don’t you think? So while I wait for Summer I can smile at the flowers every day, breathe the floral scents on the breeze, bask in the growing sunshine, and feel the reawakening of nature. Sometimes Spring makes me feel like I want to put forth leaves too!


So here’s to Spring. To flowers, sunshine, baby birds, and the general adornment of the landscape. And here’s to the daffodil clusters that have finally sprouted from the bulbs I bought at the markets in April!


My favourite vase…

August 14, 2009

…is the most wildly retro thing I own!


I’m in love with everything that can be classified as Vintage, Retro or Antique—which I guess is the same thing as saying I’m a big fan of most of the 20th Century, from the roaring twenties, through the jiving fifties to the chilled-out seventies, and everything in between. Besides clothing, furniture, and silverware, one of my particular weaknesses is coloured vintage glassware. The clutter of my house means I don’t own many pieces, but I couldn’t resist this one.


It’s a gorgeous 1970s orangey-brown vase, in a strange and rather flattened shape. The glass is thick with tiny bubbles through it, and by some glassmaker’s devilry, there’s a cylindrical hole running from back to front which serves the dual purpose of looking awesome and making it easy to carry (how do they do that and yet keep it watertight? how?). The whole thing has a smoothness and a heft about it that are somehow satisfying.


It’s the sort of piece that makes my mother cringe, but I think it’s gorgeous—especially when it’s set off by an asymetrical arrangement of gumleaves!

Little things

August 4, 2009

I know I’ve been quiet lately. I don’t have much news, but I wanted to share some of the little things that have been making me happy lately.

Clean-smelling, beautiful native flowers from the farmer’s markets.


There’s something about the scent of gum leaves that’s so calming.

Books with patterns I’m itching to make.


I bought these a couple of weeks ago from the Book Depository, and they arrived only a week later (pretty good, given they came from the UK). If you’re in the habit of buying books of any sort do check it out, for every book I’ve wanted to buy in the last few months they’ve had the best price. And what’s more, they have free shipping to anywhere in the world. Free shipping! Considering I have to pay at least $12US to ship stuff to Australia from Amazon US, that’s fantastic.

Unfortunately those lovely books will have to wait, I’m doing some rather time-sensitive (and secret) knitting at the moment.

Tiny, adorable sheep stitch markers from WeeOnes at Etsy.


Aren’t they the cutest? (There is a fourth, but it’s adorning my secret knitting.)

And finally, yarn bombing at work!

knitted door handle