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A day at the markets

March 28, 2010

The handmade markets were on again today. I love these markets. Though they may be more expensive than others, though their organisation may lack a little, they are currently the best place to see new and inspiring designers and products in Canberra. Everytime we go (they’re only on four times a year), I fall in love with so many products, concepts, and lovely people. They make me really, really wish I was more creative!

Today Libby and I treated ourselves to some adorable and clever cupcakes. Mine was chocolate with a sweet little sheep on top:

and Libby’s was coffee flavoured, made in a little paper coffee cup and done up like a cappuccino.

The markets were at a new venue today and it was terribly, terribly busy. In shuffling along behind the masses of people (and climbing around the overabundance of strollers) our little group got separated, so it wasn’t exactly the group outing we’d envisaged. But I think everyone found some beautiful things, and we did manage to meet up for lunch.

Of course I came home with a few nice things, and plans to make more nice things for myself—if I ever get time!


Handmade markets

November 21, 2009

This morning I went to the handmade markets with Amanda, Libby, and Emily.

The markets were again fantastic. Like last time, it was at a big old Woolshed, and it was very busy and very dusty. This time however it was pretty hot—but thankfully not the oppressive 38 degree heat of yesterday! The heat had an upside though, because it meant everyone brought out their cute summer dresses, so the whole market was summery and attractive.

We started early, with coffee and some amazing blackberry crepes. We were so excited we hardly minded that we each accidentally ate several small flying insects—there was something of a swarm, but you get used to that in this climate. Then we hit the stalls, and such things there were to discover! So many different products, jewellery, clothing, toys, artworks, food, handbags, fabric, ceramics…all handmade. We all managed to cross some items off our Christmas lists.

We rendezvoused at lunchtime to show off our purchases and give our feet a rest. I had a very tasty gourmet sausage burger and about three litres of cold fluids. Miraculously, a cool breeze had sprung up by then.

After exploring a few more gourmet food stalls (and rationalising that it made sense to buy fruitcake and shortbread, as we’d never want to bake in this heat), we wandered back to the car, dusty but happy.

I managed to find so many beautiful things, some for me and some for gifts.

I was particularly pleased with my new cupcake apron, so I thought I’d show you it in all its glory.

Cute, no?

It makes me so happy that handmade products are so readily available. It must be so lovely to earn your keep by making things you love, and there’s such a variety of things that there’s something to make everyone happy.