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Rocking the hipster brogues

April 29, 2011

Love my new shoes.


Dress ups

September 4, 2009

I wanted to share today’s outfit with you, ‘cos I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


I’m wearing: a black 60s-style shift dress, a royal blue turtleneck, purple stockings, black sequinned peep-toe heels, and a silver mesh bracelet given to me by my beautiful girl.

We’re going to a cocktail bar tonight so the outfit was created around the heels, but until I added the stockings I wasn’t sure it was going to work—I’ve only worn this dress in summer before. But it came together suddenly, even more perfect than I imagined.

There’s nothing like bright colours and new styling to perk up a grey day.

My favourite shoes

August 21, 2009

A few months ago I’d have been hard pressed to pick my favourite pair from amongst my collection of shoes. That was before I bought these.


Black suede shoe-boots edged in black rabbit fur, with a slightly rounded toe, a divinely curved heel, and fastened with a large black button. They’re everything I could possibly want in a shoe. And more. They satisfy a fetish I didn’t know I had until I found them.


They were slightly more expensive than I’d usually consider for a pair of shoes I don’t wear that often, but I’m completely converted. They are surprisingly comfortable—I can walk a fair distance without feeling like the balls of my feet are bruised, and they’re not so high as to make walking difficult or cause pain due to strange contortions of the spine. And they make such a breathtakingly sophisticated noise on hard floors… none of that ‘clack clack’ for me. I’m willing to buy fewer pairs of shoes, if it means more pairs like this one.


Ah! The curve of that heel gets me every time. There’s nothing I don’t like about these shoes. Sleek lines like the curve of a naked shoulder on a summer’s night. Buttons, which make any garment more interesting and individual. And fur. For little luxuries, there’s nothing like fur.

Sweet shoes, I’m determined to wear you more often, you brighten my day so.