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Harriet the hedgehog

April 30, 2011

Meet Harriet, who was knitted as a present for my friend Alex. Alex loves animals of all kinds and hedgehogs especially.

She was made using the pattern Smith by Ysolda Teague. This is a wonderful pattern. The construction is so clever but so easy to perform, and the finished product is nothing short of adorable. I even learnt how to embroider a french knot for the eyes and managed a pretty good one without too much trouble.

The brown yarn is a commercial dk that’s been sitting in my stash for ages (Cleckheaton, I think) and the white is the Bond-Corriedale I learnt to spin with. It makes for a beautifully soft and snuggly hedgehog body, perfect to cuddle up to. Actually this may only be the second time I’ve knitted with my own handspun—I’ll have to get cracking on that.

Harriet is ravelled here, and is busy starting a new life in Japan with Alex.