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Two pairs of red socks

March 27, 2011

I’ve finished two pairs of simple red socks lately.

The first pair are nice thick woolly house socks for cold winter nights, knit with some vintage red icelandic wool that was given to me by a friend’s mother. The way the weather has been in Canberra lately, they’ve already had a road test. Preliminary results are very positive.

The second, altogether more svelte pair, were knit with some gorgeous Artist’s Palette smoothie sock I picked up at Woolfest in the UK last June. The camera doesn’t really do the colours justice. You’ll have to take my word for it that they’re the most beautiful mix of reds I’ve seen in ages.

My red socks are ravelled here and here.



November 10, 2010

I just discovered these socks for your chairs, by chris&ruby, via inspire me now.

If that’s not the cleverest and cutest way to stop furniture scratching your floors, I don’t know what is. And the best part is you could easily knit them yourself!

Purple lace socks

October 14, 2009

Here they are…ta dah! Finally, the secret project that took so much of my time. I can now reveal to you that I was working on a pair of socks for my downstream pal, Kate, in Secret Pal 14.


They’re the finest-gauge project I’ve ever knit, and the first time I’ve done lace on socks. But I think they turned out pretty well, and I was very sorry to take them off, block them, and send them away. But I think Kate will like them. It turns out we share a love of purple!


The pattern is Crosshatch Lace from Charlene Schurch’s More Sensational Knitted Socks. It’s Raveled here.

It’s lucky that Summer is coming up—although I enjoyed making these socks, they took it out of me and I don’t think I’ll be knitting any more socks for a while. At least a few weeks…

Best package ever

September 27, 2009

The last package from my wonderful Secret Pal arrived on Friday, but I didn’t get time to open it until today. Don’t ask me how I managed not to leap on it and tear off the paper as soon as I found it on my doorstep. But somehow I restrained myself until I was not so busy and had time to properly enjoy the experience of unwrapping it.

Once again, it came in a gorgeous box (see the pretty boxes of the first two packages here and here)

pretty box

and was beautifully wrapped and packed inside. Look, star paper and pink sparkly bits!


All of these stellar little parcels opened to reveal the loveliest contents. There were three types of lovely squishy yarn, all different and all amazing! My camera can’t really convey the rich saturation of the purples and reds of the centre yarn. Delicious. The Astronomy theme was continued in the ‘Galaxy’ colourway of the sock yarn—very appropriate, especially since I absolutely love that blue :)


There were some gorgeous rainbow goodies—striped knee-high socks and glossy coloured knitting needles, that almost looked good enough to eat! And some pretty sparkly little stitch markers, and a lovely crocheted button brooch (all brooch addicts, raise your hand!).


And…the last and the best. SOCKS! Handknit socks for me!


Amazing purple colourful lacy clever foot-loving handknit socks knitted just for me! Oh my goodness it was like all my Christmasses had come at once. What an amazing colourway, and how beautifully the self-striping fits into the lace pattern! How happy and loved they make my feet feel. How wonderful to have someone make me handknit socks, after I spent all winter knitting socks for everyone else, with no time to make any for myself. How special I feel right now :)


Just look at them. Aren’t they wonderful? I’m wearing them to work tomorrow, and I’m going to be sock-boasting all day. Everyone will have sock envy. There will be much sock love. YESSSSS!!!!!!!

I have to say a huge thanks to my wonderful Secret Pal, who’s made this round so enjoyable and made me feel so special. She’s sent me such wonderful things, and magically managed to make them arrive just when I was in need of a little pampering. Thankyou so much!

Sue’s socks

July 20, 2009

The best thing about knitting small projects is that they’re finished so quickly. I love that feeling of elated righteousness that comes with finishing a project. And with socks and hats and things, I get that feeling nice and often.

So here is another FO for you to gawp at and for me to preen about: the socks I’ve been knitting for my mother in law, Sue.


If you’re on Ravelry, you can read the project details here. They’re made of 100% New Zealand wool (the same sort as Dad’s socks, actually) in a rather shocking shade of turquoise. My camera has enhanced the colour, but only slightly—they really are quite bright.


The pattern is a waffle rib, and they were knit top-down with a heel-flap heel. DK-weight wool makes for very quick sock knitting, and is more appropriate for house socks I think—the extra thickness keeps you warmer in bed, and cushions those little tootsies when you’re padding about the house.


I think Sue will like them, and they will definitely brighten up dull winter days.

Now I can get onto the next pair of socks on my list—whew!—with any luck they’ll all be done before winter’s over.

Dad’s socks

June 18, 2009

It’s been ages since I’ve made a proper project post, but I guess travelling has got in the way of that. I left at home my (then) only bloggable project, and was travelling with Dad’s socks, which I didn’t want to spring before he’d received them. But the time has come—they are all done! Finished and blocking as we speak, to be posted to Dad as soon as they are dry.


Ravellers can view the project details here. The pattern is a basket weave rib, and the yarn is 100% New Zealand wool, about DK weight. Not a normal choice for socks I know, but these need to be sturdy yet warm socks for cold winter nights at home. I’m quite pleased with how well the yarn and colour work with the pattern. As I’ve said before, it makes me think of russian caramel.


(Note the clever camera angles designed to hide the fact that these socks are actually much too big for me!)


Actually I grew up thinking all knitted socks were thick and chunky like this. I never knitted as a kid, but my Oma (that’s my grandmother, she’s Dutch) has been knitting practically all her life. Every winter she used to make us a pair of thick socks to warm our little toes in bed and around the house—there’s nothing like handknitted socks to warm a winter’s night. She used to knit other things too—one of my favourite possessions as a child was the handknitted jumper, made by Oma, which exactly matched a larger one she made for my Mum. I think I also still have a tiny knitted tracksuit somewhere, which she made for my favourite teddy bear.

It’s funny that I never took to knitting as a kid, but it’s because of Oma that I decided to learn to knit a few years ago. Her knitted socks were always so comfy and warm, and fit so well, that I wanted to be able to make them myself (and also because I guess she won’t be around forever, and I’d like to carry on that tradition). So I guess you could say I learned to knit in order to knit socks. Once I started knitting I discovered the wealth of possibilities, of patterns, of yarns, and I got a bit scared by some of the techniques and ended up avoiding socks for three years. But I got there eventually, and now that I’m knitting socks for my family, I feel like in some sense I’m fulfilling my knitting destiny :)

So this is my fourth official pair of socks, and the second pair for family. I hope you like them, Dad.


Comfort knitting

May 22, 2009

It’s been a quiet day for me today—I’m at home with a cold so I’ve been taking things slowly. The brain isn’t working too well so I’m not managing to get much work done, but luckily knitting is perfectly suited to lying on the couch and feeling sorry for yourself.

I think knitting is one of the best things you can do in this situation, as it actually makes you feel better. Of course, listening to Harry Potter audio books helps too! I’m a great believer in ‘comfort experiences’—and I don’t just limit this to comfort food. I have comfort books, comfort DVDs, comfort yarn, comfort tea, comfort clothes…the list goes on.

Anyway back to the knitting. I’ve actually got three things on the go at the moment, but I can only share one of them in any detail, as the other two are gifts. The first is a pair of socks I’m knitting for my Dad—he knows they’re coming so that’s no surprise, but I’d like the construction to remain a mystery, so I’ll just give you a taste of the yarn:


Isn’t that a gorgeous colour? It makes me think of russian caramel. I must admit I didn’t really take to it when I saw it next to all the other colours of yarn—I just thought ‘That’s a good colour for masculine socks’ and grabbed it. But now that it’s by itself, not upstaged by the flashy hues of its brothers, its quiet beauty shines through. I hope Dad likes it.

Remember that lovely dark brown alpaca yarn I bought at the alpaca expo? It was so soft and brown and wonderful I couldn’t wait to use it, so I started an ishbel almost straight away. It’s lovely to knit with and I’m really looking forward to the finished product, but there’s also an element of danger—I don’t know the yardage of the ball and suspect it might not be long enough. At this stage, the plan is to keep knitting until I run out (if I do) and then decide on a contingency plan (if I have to) that still gives me an ishbel. Could I do fewer repeats somewhere? Could I bind off early? These are questions I will (hopefully not) have to answer later. I’m still knitting the stocking stitch centre so have no idea as yet whether I’ll have enough, too much, or (cringe) too little yarn. Though that does make it kind of exciting. That’s me, always flirting with danger.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the progress so far:


as you can see I was knitting on a short (40cm) circular and had to stop while I waited for a longer one to arrive. But now it’s here, I’m itching to get back to my dangerous ishbel.

The last project I want to share with you today has made wonderful sooky knitting. There’s nothing like beautifully soft, fantastically colourful handspun to make you feel happier! So today I got to play with this yarn:


and loved it so much, I finished the project after only a few hours. Unfortunately as this one is again a gift, I can’t tell you any more (at this stage). It is currently blocking and looking delicious (as if anything knit with this yarn could look otherwise!), so will hopefully be dry in a couple of days. Fingers crossed.