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Dress ups

September 4, 2009

I wanted to share today’s outfit with you, ‘cos I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


I’m wearing: a black 60s-style shift dress, a royal blue turtleneck, purple stockings, black sequinned peep-toe heels, and a silver mesh bracelet given to me by my beautiful girl.

We’re going to a cocktail bar tonight so the outfit was created around the heels, but until I added the stockings I wasn’t sure it was going to work—I’ve only worn this dress in summer before. But it came together suddenly, even more perfect than I imagined.

There’s nothing like bright colours and new styling to perk up a grey day.



August 13, 2009

A package arrived for me this morning from We Love Colors. Hurrah! I’ve been waiting for this in impatient excitement ever since I put in the order.

tasty stockings

That’s a pair of Footless Fishnets in Emerald, two pairs of Microfibre Solids (one Purple, one Spruce Green), and two pairs of kids’ Splash Color Tights, which will be presents for my nieces.


I love exciting stockings, and my collection was in need of a bit of a refresh, but I’ve had trouble finding coloured stockings in colours I actually like and want to wear. But We Love Colors has many sorts of stockings in…wait for it…51 colours! Gasp!

So I can find exactly the shade of green I want, and I feel virtuous at the same time for buying presents for other people. :)