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I heart…

May 26, 2010

double rainbows at work

over-the-top tea-cosies

wool day at the old bus depot markets

and surprise crafty gifts!

What’s getting you through the cold weather?


My favourite teapot

October 23, 2009

I guess it goes without saying that someone who drinks a lot of tea has a lot of teapots. And therefore qualifies to have a favourite teapot. But somehow it sounds like a rather strange concept, reminiscent of a deathly quiet social life and crippling OCD. Oh well. I’ve bucked plenty of other trends, I guess I can sidestep that stereotype too, right? I’d like you to think of me instead as someone with an enthusiasm for a delicate brew and a passion for fine crockery. And now that we’ve all got our thinking straight, let’s proceed.

My favourite teapot is actually only one of five—despite the aforementioned enthusiasms and passions, my teapot collection has been somewhat limited due to a lack of space. Oh, cruel fate! But all the crowded shelves and reasonable husbands in the world can’t restrain my natural urges for long. One day there will be more teapots. In the meantime, shelf space is given only to the very special. Like the original 1940s pot, brown and humble, mother pouring out cups on Sunday after Church. Or the space-age 70s pot with included cozy, a wool-lined, hard silver sphere that locks in place once the boiling water is added. But my natural sweetness and delicacy (ahem!) means that of course my utmost favourite, my very-smiley-special, is the glass teapot Phil gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

dappled light and glass

I just adore this teapot. It’s quite small and very delicate, the glassware slightly dappled around the main body of the pot. I love the shape of it—the pointed lip at the end of the spout, the squat and rounded body, the glass sphere handle on the lid. It’s one of those things that just makes me smile every time I use it, and I think that makes for a good possession. Why have things you’re lukewarm about, when you could have something that really lights that fire?

In deference to its delicacy I like to use this teapot for the more gentle brews—green tea, white tea, chamomile flowers. The transparency of the glass means teatime becomes a treat for the eyes as well as the nose and the tongue. Tea balls, those bundles of green tea leaves that unfold to present a flower, look amazing in this teapot.

so pretty

The matching glass warming-stand means you can linger over your cup, knowing that when you go back for another it will still be warm. The built-in wire strainer catches all but the tiniest of leaves, meaning an over-the-cup strainer is usually unnecessary. See, functional as well as beautiful.

And so beautiful. My favourite for so many reasons :)